I’d love to see the “breasts are not sexual” people hugging each other. Topless.


I have hugged a naked woman, while naked, and no one tried humping anything. Believe in…

There’s a country in Europe that allows cannibalism. There be a lot of meat on the bones of 1st worlders, especially in ‘Murica >:d

I usually support everything you say, but I want to bring up the fact now that men weren't allowed to walk around shirtless either until the 1930's when they protested about it. The indecent expose law only applies to genitals (and anus), but women can be arrested for it if it disrupts the peace. It's legal in some states, like my state of texas (mostly austin), and new york, and a few others. It's just not accepted. Breasts aren't a sexual organ, and shouldn't be sexualized automatically.







One, I’m from the EU, not the US. (Extra: source?)

Second, I love science

Third, people who say breasts and nipples aren’t sexual, also completely ignore them during sex and foreplay? Their partners are missing out. 

Source: Topless Laws

Source: Men Fight for Topless Right in 1930’s and Other Timeline Events

I really don’t understand what type of point you’re trying to make by saying breasts and nipples are erogenous zones. As you know, so are many other places, on males and females. Are backs, thighs, ears, and other places only sexual as well then? No, it’s all sexual when it’s made sexual, with their partners. Why are you bringing private sexuality into this? It’s unrelated. 

You can give me a friendly pat on the back, but if you give me a friendly pat on the boob, you’re in trouble. 

Does giving a male a friendly pat on the chest seem like a normal thing to do? Some people don’t like to be touched at all, too.

You know what I mean, silly.

I’d love to see the “breasts are not sexual” people hugging each other. Topless. So. AWKWARD. 

I don’t care about if you show your boobs or not, but if you want it to be accepted, you can’t get mad when people (both men and women) stare. The whole argument that “it’s part of the human body” and “it’s no different than an ear” basically gives permission for random people to look and even stare at your boobs without it being harassment.

If I stared at your hand for 10 seconds, it wouldn’t be seen as offensive, so under the feminist logic, neither should looking at boobs. That means that if you go topless, me staring at your chest is now no more creepy than me staring at a birthmark or your hands. 

Just saying that you can’t have the “I should be able to show my boobs in public” and still have the “strangers should not be aloud to look at my boobs without my consent.”